Why Being Diagnosed with Cataracts May Be Good News for You.

Cataracts are something which few people might anticipate getting. This clouding of the eye’s natural lens commonly occurs in those over the age of 50, hindering vision. People may experience decreased day or night vision, decreased color saturation, glare, double vision or frequent need to change eyeglasses. More than half of the US population experiences cataracts after this age.

Although cataracts usually occur in the elderly, those much younger may develop them as well. Cataracts generally form via aging, eye damage or medications and, in some rare cases, they are genetically inherited. Some forms of eye damage which can cause cataracts are health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure), prolonged use of certain medications (corticosteroids), trauma, certain behaviors (smoking, poor nutrition, consuming alcohol) and long-term exposure to ultraviolet light (sunlight, pilot exposure to ionizing radiation). Because cataractous changes accumulate in the natural lens over the course of life, some people may not notice this gradual decline in the visual function

If you find yourself diagnosed with cataracts, it might actually be a source of good news. Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly practiced and successful forms of surgery in the United States with a full 90% or more of patients experiencing better vision. It is both a safe and effective form of cataract treatment.

Once your eye or eyes have healed from the effects of surgery, you should experience better and clearer vision. Cataracts form a cloudy, yellow-tinted growth over the eye lens which affects both vision and natural colors. Therefore, when the cataract is removed, you will be able to see crisper images and natural colors.

Clearer vision means you can return to participating in more activities of daily life. Things that were once hampered by cataracts are now enjoyable once again. Reading, watching TV and even driving are wonderfully restored to a more normal state. Seeing normal colors gives many people new appreciation of life.

Also, the need for glasses may be totally eliminated, or the lens prescription drastically reduced. This could free you up for more activities and boost your overall appearance and confidence. Having cataracts surgically removed will also allow you to return to a more independent lifestyle. You will no longer have to depend on others to help lead you around, read you labels, instructions and cards from loved ones, dole out your medications, drive you to and from appointments and so many other daily activities which we easily take for granted when possessing good sight.

Therefore, if you have recently been diagnosed with cataracts, take heart! Talk with your eye doctor about surgery options. Use their medical expertise to assist you in weighing the pros and cons of such surgery. Then, once you’ve determined to receive cataract surgery, focus on the many pleasures that will be restored to you through this safe and effective cataract treatment.