Eyes Are a Window to Your Health: Many General Health Conditions May Manifest Themselves in Your Eyes

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. Psychologists rely heavily on the look of their patients’ eyes which helps them to determine if their patient is sad, glad, fearful, angry, etc. Your eyes are also a window into underlying health conditions. Eye doctors can judge certain conditions just by examining their patients’ eyes.

Your ophthalmologists too, can detect much more than poor eyesight. By examining your eyes, they can discover symptoms of impending or existing health issues that are hiding in other parts of your body, but are reflected within your eyes.

Let’s take a look at some of the health problems which can be detected through an eye examination.

Eyes and What They Say about Your Health

Following are some of the common health issues which can often be detected through an eye examination:
  • Diabetes – A progressive weakening of sight can be an indication of diabetes.
  • Stroke – Images of the retina which show subtle variations in the blood vessels can indicate impending stroke.
  • High Blood Pressure – Blood shot eyes which occur frequently, but are not due to tiredness or overwork could indicate high blood pressure.
  • Leukemia – Eye hemorrhaging is a sign of leukemia. This can also occur in diabetes patients and can lead to blindness if not immediately treated.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – This debilitating disease can be detected by a swollen optic nerve that is pale in color.
  • Brain Tumor – A brain tumor is often revealed through a swollen optic nerve and a blood-splashed retina.
  • High Cholesterol – High cholesterol levels can be determined by observing a white colored ring which encircles the clear section of the eye.
  • Other Common Problems Detected Through The Eyes – Circulatory problems, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, breast cancer and other health problems can also be detected through an eye examination.

As you can see, there are many very good reasons to stop procrastinating over that past due eye exam at your ophthalmologist’s office. Going for a thorough eye exam will not only provide you with crisp, clear vision through needed eye glasses, contacts or refractive vision correction but it can also alert you to serious underlying health problems of which you are totally unaware and could be lifesaving. The sooner you get treatment for such health problems, the better off your overall health will be and you can kick back and enjoy your clear sight!